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"Моя сестра тут, а мій брат там."

Translation:My sister is here, and my brother is there.

June 25, 2015



"a" usually means "but", yet not always in a contradictory way, which is why it can be confused with "and". I suggest having both translations marked as correct.


No, "а" never means "but", "but" is "але". "А" is simply "and" for sentences that do not state the same thing, similar to English "while" when used for this purpose: "My sister is here while my brother is there" - no "but" connotations, just "and".

There is a difference between "а" and "але"

Я тут, і ти (теж) тут ~~> same stuff

Я тут, а ти там ~~> different stuff

Я тут, але ти там. Я тут, але ти теж тут ~~> can be both same and different, doesn't matter


Of course there is a difference, yet "а" and "але" are two different concepts that both translate to "but" in English. "A" can also be translated as "while" and "and" in separate cases, while "але" can only be "but" or "yet" as a conjunction. The English response to this can be "but", "and", "while", "whereas", "yet", etc. and so all of those should be accepted as correct for "але", since the meaning stays rather much the same, no matter which word you use to translate.


"A" usually translates to "and" in English

(Do you +1 your own comments?)


"Usually"? Are you saying that none of the other translations that I just mentioned would work?

and, ???


"Usually" means what it means, I never said "always". But let's not forget that Ukrainian has other, better translations for "while", "whereas", "yet"

(nothing, it's just nice to know that you agree with yourself :)


Mm, OK, I do agree that in some contexts you can translate "а" to "but", but not always since "but" has a stronger meaning than "and", "and" just connects the two things without any emotion/opinion while "but" contrasts, opposes them.

My sister is here, but my brother is there really carries the meaning of, let's say, "he was supposed to be here, however, he is not!" or "on the contrary", while My sister is here, and my brother is there is really neutral towards these facts. So in this case I suggest but ~~> але, and ~~> а since the contrast is very clear.


Please check the tips and notes on letters 1


I'm glad "and/whereas" is used as the translation for "a", since that makes the most sense.


I hate these exercises, the sound is way too low. Seems like she's whispering. I got good hearing, but damn, sound it way too low on this site


so wish that their friggen recording would be louder! I often got to guess a portion of it because it's so low that it sounds like something else

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