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  5. "Jeg elsker en kvinne."

"Jeg elsker en kvinne."

Translation:I love a woman.

June 25, 2015



Yeah, shes my mum :)


Does elsker always mean a romantic love, or can it describe a great liking for an object, or a food, or a family member?


I second this motion. There are forms of love such as compassionate, romantic, emotional, addiction, enjoyment of (foods, cartoons, hobbies, etc).

Is there any lingual distinction, or are they all expressed as elsker?


We use the verb "å like" for when we like something (jeg/du/han/de/den/vi liker). When we have an emotional connection to somebody we often say "jeg er glad i ....", which roughly translates to "i care for ...." (though the direct translation is 'I am glad in ...' which sounds stupid). "Elske" doesn't have to be only romantic love, but it is definitely the strongest word for love.


Thanks a lot for this!


Norwegian do not love anyone or anything...


I love the word elsker ;)


Search a music from a norwegian band called Seigmenn. The name of the music is HVA VI ELSKER (What we love).


I love their songs "Hjernen er Alene", "Döderlein" and "Sklaver av Solen". :) (Also, Zeromancer with Alex, Kim and Noralf as well. In addition to Kim's third band "Ljungblut") I think Seigmen translates to "Stick(y) men" or "Tenacious Men" (I think it's the latter "Tenacious Men"), but I'm not sure.


Unfortunately I will never be able to go on their show cuz I live in Brazil. Never gonna happen to make a show around here.


I live in Serbia so I feel you man :(


Sorry. I'm late. I was using Duolingo on my cellphone. Seigmenn is a name of a candy i guess. the real meaning I don't know. Tell me other bands you like do listen. :)


Rammstein from Germany, IAMX (a.k.a. Chris Corner from England) Dethklok (fictional-ish band from Scandinavia/U.S. One Norwegian (Toki Wartooth), one Swede (Skwisgaar Skwigelf, three Americans (Pickles the drummer, Nathan Explosion and William Murderface, but irl four Americans: Brendon Small, Gene Hoglan, Bryan Beller and Mike Keneally). The latter has their own cancelled teenage/adult cartoon show called "Metalocalypse".

Jeg lære Norsk på grunn av Toki Wartooth. <3 :3


I agree. It sounds better than the English word.


And that's okay, duo.


Story of my gay heart

[deactivated user]

    What's Norwegian for "high five"?


    Elsker is similar to iceladic 'elskan' for darling


    "I like a boy, I love a woman" come on Duolingo you can't keep giving me these mixed signals. I thought we had something ;-;


    I written I love a woman many tims and it still gives an encorrect answer saying the translation is. I love a woman? So what did i do wrong?


    I have the same problem...


    Maybe you guys wrote "I love a women"?


    Is there any differencies between like and love?


    Why ELSKE doesn't read [elshe]?


    The "sk" is irregular regarding the "sh" pronounciation. "skj" is always "sh".


    lan-Ulle, yes as long as its used properly. god natt!


    I translated as "I am loving a woman". It was considered incorrect. Would any Norwegian people think there is a difference between these two meanings for "Jeg elsker en kvinne": "I love a woman" and "I am loving a woman"? Or would "a elsker" be different than other verbs, because "love" is forever, never ephemeral? Haha


    It's wrong because it wouldn't be idiomatic to use the continuous tense in this context.


    how can i express for example in a conversation, my friend asks me "what are you loving now, women or men?" and i want to answer that im actually in a relationship with a woman, in spanish i would say "estoy amando a una mujer" in english it would be "im loving a woman" but as we dont have progressive in norwegian, how can i explain the fact that i am actually with a woman??


    Why, sometimes use et, and simetimes en......en kvinne.....et brød


    Would "ei kvinne" be acceptable instead of "en kvinne" because it is a feminine noun?



    In general, yes, but not for this listening exercise, as she's saying "en". You're welcome to use either for translation exercises.

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