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  5. "Lavora con me!"

"Lavora con me!"

Translation:Work with me!

June 26, 2015



Can this have the same colloquial meaning it does in English, like when someone is giving you a hard time and you exclaim "Come on, work with me here!" ?


No, "lavorare" is never intended as "help" or similar.

I would say "Aiutami" or better "Dammi una mano" to translate the colloquial version of "work with me!"


"Lavora, Lavora, Lavora, Lavora, Lavora, Lavora" - Rihanna


why it is not "lavori con me"? because in the previous one it was "andate all zoo".


Buongiorno! I understand your confusion but in this imperative sentence, you are saying you work with me which would be either tu lavora or voi lavorate. The conjugations for lavorare are tu lavora, lui/lei lavori, noi lavoriamo, voi lavorate, loro lavorino. Buona fortuna!


Yes. «-are» verbs when conjugated in the imperative mood switch the second-person and third-person endings; the «-ere» and «-ire» verbs keep the same endings in the «tu» form as in the present indicative. i copied from a recent post because i was confused. the tu and lei are reversed with are ending verbs. hope this helps!


Why is not the answer "He/She works with me" That is Lui/Lei/Lei Lavora and Lavori when referring to "tu"-


Could we use lavori con me if we were not using the 'Lei' form?


"work with me!" can be translated:
1) lavora con me! (informal you (tu))
2) lavori con me! (formal you (Lei))
3) lavorate con me! (you plural (voi))


How do you know when she says 'me' whether she means me or mi as they sound alike


it depends on the person's accent, sometimes the difference is bigger and you can perfectly tell if it's "me" or "mi". Otherwise you could just get it from the context, it needs practice though... but for instance here it would be nonsense to say "Lavora con mi".


imperativo presente (lavoràre)

lavóra (non lavoràre) tu

lavóri egli

lavoriàmo noi

lavoràte voi

lavórino essi


how can i translete the phrase if i cannot hear nothing. come posso scrivere quello che viene detto se non posso sentire niente

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