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What is a Reverse Tree?

I've seen some discussion about a "reverse tree". What is this? I'm interested, since I completed this tree quite awhile back, but now I practice each day, and also try to do some Immersion, but still feel like I need other activities to challenge me more. THanks!

June 26, 2015



If you have completed the Spanish for English speakers course, the English for Spanish speakers course will be the reverse course.


Hello! Spanish reverse tree teaches English from Spanish. While doing the reverse tree you will gain some new vocabulary and you will translate from English to Spanish more often, and that will certainly help you to improve your Spanish.


how does one get access to a reverse tree? can anyone do it?


Yup, it's easy to access. Just go to your account settings and choose the option that says that you want to learn English as though you were a native Spanish speaker. :-)

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