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Failure to receive lingots for 10 day streaks

I have not received any lingots since I reached 170 days. I am presently at day 239. What gives?

I tried to place a screenprint shot here from today 6/25/15 but it would not accept it


June 26, 2015



There is an ongoing test as part of which lingot award for streaks has been removed. You can check the list of options for earning lingots at the bottom of the lingot store page. If you are part of the test, the streak award option would have been removed.


remoonlin, like BDVeatch I am activated. Thanks for the help


I have also not been receiving lingots for ten day streaks, and my lingot store details at the bottom of the page state that I should be receiving them. Is there a help desk or technical assistance contact we can ask?


Grazie, BDVeatch. I am no longer alone. We share the exact same problem. The note at the bottom of the lingot page talks about using a tree shortcut. What is a tree shortcut?

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