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"Скоро ми будемо говорити українською добре."

Translation:Soon we will speak Ukrainian well.

June 26, 2015



Сподіваємося так!


Can розмовляти also be used? I'm taking a Pimsleur course in Ukrainian as well, and that's the word it uses on there. Is one more common than the other?


Yeah, I guess so, since, in English, they have similar meanings. But this is using the instrumental case.


I had the same question for as long as I've been trying to learn UKR and nobody, not even native speakers, have been able to give me an answer that makes sense: to speak Ukrainian and to understand Ukrainian have different cases. Why is this. The exact translation must be different, maybe the correct translation should be: "to speak in(the) Ukrainian (language) vs. to understand (the) Ukrainian (language)???


"to speak Ukrainian" uses Instrumental, so it's like you are using language as the "instrument" for delivering your thoughts, if that makes sense. It's "to speak using the Ukrainian language"


Thank you! I guess my assumption of "to speak in the Ukrainian language" was fairly accurate.


"Soon we shall speak Ukrainian well" is not accepted. Instead, a corrupted English translation must be provided.

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