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Permanently deactivate timed mode?

I bought the timed mode since I had plenty of Lingots to spend, but ever since I got it I've only wanted to use it once and have used it quite a number of times unintentionally. I've been trying to find where to deactivate it but I can't find that option anywhere. Is there even an option to do that or will I be forever stuck pressing the Practive without a timer button whenever I want to practice a lesson? Danke!

October 8, 2013



It's actually pretty useful sometimes. Whenever you need a faster way to maintain your daily streak, you can use Timed Practice to quickly get some points. You don't need to finish the practice fully or worry about your hearts - four or five correct answers are enough to get some minimal points and add to the streak!


You can't deactivate it, but you don't have to use the timer when you practice.


Ja... danke euch beiden :).

I was just wondering whether it was possible for me to stop it from functioning until I tell it to from the Settings page... just like the microphone exercise. I don't know if I made myself 'klar' :P.

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