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Miscellaneous suggestions

I would love to hear what you guys think about them :)

  1. Filter for sentence discussions that shows those ones with comments that have no reply (only those older than 48h).

  2. When we are scouring discussions those ones we have already seen could be a bit faded. If there are some new comments since the last time we have seen that discussion they could be indicated with +1, +2,... depending on how many of them are there. (I think I saw a similar suggestion a while ago but i couldn't find it again.)

  3. Combination of #1 and #2 could be implemented for the in-lesson Discuss sentence button. Scenario: A higher lvl user is refreshing a skill. He/she has answered the question correctly. Discuss button indicates 20 comments. Will that user sift through that discussion to see if there are some new questions that haven't been answered ? Probably not. But what if there is another indicator on the button that shows there are some new comments that do not have a reply?

  4. Email notification could indicate which language section (German, Italian) does it originate from. That way we could make corresponding filters in our email service.

  5. Sentences with more info. Gender, case, noun, word type and some other information could be presented upon hover (or in some other way, maybe it could be like a new layer upon a sentence) after a user has already given an answer and duolingo has checked it. Inputing all that info would be crowd sourced and moderated. To ensure the better quality of those inputs a user would need to buy this option in the store (20 lingots?)

  6. Progress bar - indicator of our current position in a language tree. By clicking it duolingo would positions the page near the latest skill we have learned.

  7. Duolingo feedback could contain a link that leads to a sentence discussion (if one was created) so that the users that have sent the report (my sentence should be accepted) can edit or post a comment if necessary.

Also a question: What if there is more than one deactivated user per discussion? Is there a way to distinguish whose post is that? I know it is unlikely scenario but as the site grows larger...

October 8, 2013


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