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  5. "Welke families?"

"Welke families?"

Translation:Which families?

June 26, 2015



which relatives is not accepted, yet I understand that gezin=family and familie= relatives. Shouldn't at least both options be accepted?


"Welke families" does not mean "which relatives"; that would be "welke verwanten?" or "welke familieleden?".

The English word "family" can be translated as either "familie" (= wider family) or "gezin (core family, parents and their children)


Thanks for the answer. I still feel like in english, "wider family" (that which includes inlaws and cousings, etc is called relatives). But to be honest, I still have to wrap my head around the word gezin..


I agree, you can use "relatives" for wider family in English, but I think it doesn't really work as a translation of the plural Dutch "families", because you're talking about multiple different families, which "relatives" wouldn't imply.

The word 'gezin' is a funny one, I'd like to find a one-word translation in another language.

It's often part of a compound word; gezinsauto, gezinsleven, eengezinswoning, gezinsuitbreiding... etc


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I got this one 3 times in a row...

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