"Ele traz manteiga."

Translation:He brings butter.

October 8, 2013

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Even though I told him to bring uma salada de frutas.


Pelo menos ele lembrou a cobra.


Traz from the verb trazer. To bring. Vem from the verb to come. Vem aqui. Come here. Any one correct me if u am wrong. I am learning the language also.


I'm brazilian and I think the pronounce the manteiga is wrong in this sentence. My family and I heard "Ele traz manteira". FIX IT!


We'd love to fix all issues regarding our text-to-speech voice, but that's sadly not one of the priorities of the developers' team at the moment and, just like all IT-related issues, it's not something in the power of the Portuguese language team to fix.

That said, we always encourage our students to see Duolingo as just one of many instruments they can use in their language learning journey while we keep striving to improve the course, and that includes actual immersion (listening practice) or using a different text-to-speech simulator (while no simulator will ever be without its faults, I believe IVONA Text-to-Speech is quite good).

Thank you for your feedback, and good luck with your studies :)


Oh, I got it now!


What is the word for margarine?


Am I losing it because traz sounds like craz with a hard c sound


The dev team responded 2 months after your post saying IVONA text to speech is what DL uses (as of 6 months ago). It's not perfect but decent. I would not try to learn pronunciation from DL.


shouldn't the sentience be, "he brought the butter", "he brings butter" does not sound right to me


Bring(s) is Simple Present Tense, while brought is Past Tense which is not taught on Duo for many more lesson units (even beyond adjectives and adverbs and numbers too)


In fact, the first Past Tense lesson unit on Duo (at least for Portuguese) comes after the third unit on Present Verbs.


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