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how to advance after mastering

I've surged ahead of the people I follow, but now I seem to be stuck unable to gain points for the next level. It is fun to practice, but when I attempt to 'translate from the web' I am quickly stymied. It is all too complex and I wish I could find a more gradual approach to increasing complexity. Otherwise, I am pretty frustrated. It is also true for me that I have not found 'translate from the web' articles that are of any interest. ¡Socorro! ¡Ayudame!

May 19, 2012



Wow, you've mastered all the lessons? :O Sorry, but it seems you have to translate sentences from the Web to earn points at this point. If they confuse you, perhaps you should try some of the simpler ones? The six- and seven-point ones aren't that challenging. ^^


If you like, you can use the blue 'practice' button on the upper right of your skill tree in order to do some more practice. For each practice lesson you gain 10 points. As far as the complexity of the translations is concerned: Try to break up a long Spanish sentence into several English ones. This results in more idiomatic English and makes it easier to understand the Spanish.


sorry, I meant 'upper left'. Why is it that I sometimes can edit my posts and sometimes not?

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