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"(The) cheese contains fat."

I would think that "The cheese contains fat." is translated into "Peynirin içinde yağ var.", whereas "Cheese contains fat." is translated into "Peynir içinde yağ var.".

Is this correct? Or can "Peynirin içinde yağ var." also mean "Cheese contains fat."?


June 26, 2015



"Peynirin içinde yağ var" is correct but it means: There is fat in cheese.

To contain = içermek. → Peynir yağ içerir. (Cheese contains fat)


Thanks, I didn't know that :) But then I still have the following question: Is there a difference, and if so what is the difference between "Peynirin içinde yağ var." and "Peynir içinde yağ var."?

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