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Why are you learning Esperanto?

There are so many answers to this question, and I'm excited to hear yours! After watching the 'Esperanto in 3 days/ 6 days' videos, I really wanted to discover why people want to learn it!

I'm learning it because it's easy and it will help me to learn more languages.

All comments welcome! Inspire me :D

June 26, 2015



I'm learning it because you get to be part of an awesome community :P And I like the structure of the language, as well as the ideology behind it.


I like the idea of Esperanto. And I find its neutrality very appealing and encouraging.

The community is very kind-hearted, and supporting.

It helped me meeting and befriending many people from all around the world, who don't necessarily speak English.

It is a good resort for people who don't want to be monolingual, as it is logical and easy-to-learn.


Partly because I believe in the internationalism of it, partly because I think the world does need an easier to learn auxiliary language, partly because I am enjoying the community and partly because it is fun to learn!


Because it's easy, flexible, elegantly designed and sounds really good to me. Also, I think the idea of speaking and thinking in an invented language, that someone just made up, is awesome :)


Compared to learning other languages, you can learn Esperanto almost by accident. You can speak serviceable Esperanto with less of an effort than reading War and Peace.

"Esperanto is . . . helping to create the Kingdom of God." - Leo Tolstoy


I did learn Esperanto by accident :)

I first came across Esperanto when I was 16 or so. I borrowed a textbook from the library and read through. (As in, beginning to end, just normal reading. I didn't try to work the exercises or intentionally memorise anything.)

I would come across Esperanto occasionally in the later years.

Then about five years ago or so, I was at a Klingon language conference and met someone who I knew was an Esperantist. So I thought I'd try to speak Esperanto to him - and found that I was able to carry on a reasonable conversation, without ever having intended to learn it!

I decided to learn it more intentionally after that, and went to an event next summer that included language classes. I tested into the top class.

So while there are still things I don't know (especially vocabulary), don't understand all the intricacies of (si and po, sometimes) or get wrong occasionally despite knowing in theory how it works (accusative after al, or accusative in general, really), I'm reasonably competent. By accident :)


In addition to agreeing with many of the reasons others have stated, I also like that it is helping me understand the components of grammar better. I always got by pretty well with an implicit understanding of English grammar, but now that I'm really working on learning other languages, I'm finding that that's just not good enough. So, I'm finally getting what subjects and objects and correlatives and all those other fun things are all about.

I admit that I did not care for the sound of the language at first. I watched some of Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo, and while I truly like what they were doing with that series, the sound of it just didn't grab me. I've gotten over it, though, and now feel pretty neutral about the sound. It's totally an aesthetic thing, of course, and I recognize that my experience is different from most who will post here.

Having said all that, I find the benefits to greatly outweigh any of the negatives. I fully expect to be fluent and communicating with Esperanto well before Swedish, which I've been working on for a much longer time.

I'm really looking forward to being able to communicate with other Esperantists around the world. I really like the idea of a coming together through a neutral language that allows for easy exchanges of knowledge and ideas.


I haven't worked on it in a while, but I like how it just ''feels'' comfortable. That sounds weird and get what I mean?


I want to be able to talk to everyone in the world, and I want everyone to be able to talk to each other. I started learning lots of languages cause I liked the idea of talking to the most people possible, but then realized it was impossible. Even one foreign language takes tons of time and practice and that only opens up one door.

Esperanto doesn't open the door to talking to everyone in the world, but that's the idea that it stands for and what it makes possible if more people start to learn it, which is why I love it.

It's also just a lot of fun to be able to speak something so quickly and so effortlessly compared to other languages.


I have a lot of reasons, but i prefer to give you this two links:


https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reporte_Grin (in spanish, sorry)


Oh yes, the man is so right! Thank you for sharing the video.

I like the sound of Esperanto, I like the possible combinations in Esperanto and with Esperanto I get more and more confronted with Romance Languages. I love French and Spanish which I am learning at school now and Esperanto gives me the interest to more Romance Languages like Italian. Honestly, I don't like the english language but I can see the future of Esperanto as language which is thought in every school. There are so many advantages of that language that you can forget the disadvantages. We, the Esperanto learners, can help the language to get more popular.

And last I want to say that Esperanto is a symbol of peace. It is so important for us and for the next generations.

(sorry if there are some mistakes I'm not a native english speaker)


I chose Esperanto because it was the only constructed language currently available. Had lojban been available, I'd go for that instead because as a programmer I hate English's ambiguous grammar and want to get as far away from it as I can.


I like the idea of it, it is a very "comfortable" and easy language with a welcoming community, and it is a fun summer project because i have the time to work on something other than just French and Spanish!


Because I stumbled into it and love it. I hardly had ever heard about it before but now I think that Zamenhof was a genius, and I love how scientific a language it is.


Antaux du jaroj mi legis libron pri arta lingvo. En la libro estas unu muziko de esperanto. Gxi estas 'sola'. Mi konas senton de esti sola kaj simpatis. Do mi volas scii la homjn, esperantistoj.


Because I want people to talk rather than fight. I can't make others do or not do anything, but I can take a first step to understanding them better, so here I am, learning other people's languages.


Because it's easy, interesting, and because I like it ;)


Mi lernas Esperanton ĉar ĝi estas tre facila kaj ankaŭ ĝi estas tre interesa. Ankaŭ mi trovas, ke estas bona lingvo lerni antaŭ aliaj.

(Sentence might be wrong, I am also a komencanto!)


I am learning Esperanto for a couple of reasons. The first is because I find the idea of it interesting, but more importantly I am learning it to see if it helps me with learning other languages.


I am learning Esperanto because of the community and idea behind the language, but also because when I have children I want them to have that advantage and possibly even be the new generation of native Esperanto speakers.


Mia edzino kaj mi lernas Esperanton pro du kialoj:

Unue, lerni duan lingvon fortigos la menson!

Due, ni deziras paroli publike sen kompreno de aliuloj.


Because it's interesting, fun, and easy. I'd like to try learning other languages too at some point, and I figured Esperanto would be a good introduction to learning other languages.


I just started learning it today. I've heard of Esperanto before but never thought about it too much until today. It just seemed like a nice language to learn on the side as I learn russian.


I like the concept behind the language, the "why" it was created. And the languages I speak and/or am learning currently are the main bases for Esperanto anyways so I figured it should not be too difficult to learn . Cant hurt to learn several languages either so that's a plus :D
Learning different languages is rather fun to me and I am sure its helping my memory stay strong too.


I am learning Esperanto because I want another language I could speak and write. Not just only English. I may had been studying another language I love, but when I stumbled Esperanto, I took the chance to learn it as well. Guess what, I am loving it more. I am doing well in it but you can't just be all the way without making mistakes. Learn from them! It seems Esperanto may become the second language for me than the previous one I was learning. I just love the language! Thank Zamenhof!

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