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  5. "Björnen sover."

"Björnen sover."

Translation:The bear sleeps.

June 26, 2015



Björnen sover, björnen sover i sitt lugna bo. han är inte farlig, bara man är varlig, men man kan dock, men man kan dock honom aldrig tro


Danish version: Bjørnen sover, bjørnen sover i sit lune bo. Den er ikke farlig, når man blot er varlig, men man kan da, men kan kan da aldrig på den tro.


Can we get an english translation of that? :)


okay I know it's way past where we are but I have to know how to say "let sleeping bears lie". It's an English idiom I'm fond of, and I'm curious to know both a literal translation and if there's a Swedish idiomatic equivalent.


The literal translation is Låt sovande björnar ligga. But the idiomatic translation is Väck inte den björn som sover. (i.e. 'don't wake up that bear which is sleeping')


I learned this word: solver, not sover. are they both correct? am I wrong?


Sorry, solver is not a Swedish word. :)


Björnen har att vara min mamma! Idk if i said that right


Did you mean "the bear has to be my mom"? I'm sorry, but that expression really doesn't translate word-for-word at all. It doesn't even remotely make sense in Swedish.

Instead, you could say Björnen måste vara min mamma!

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