"Do you want to drink water?"

Translation:Su içmek istiyor musun?

June 26, 2015

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Why icmek and not icmekten?


Hello yxs007

Why icmek and not icmekten?

İçmek (verb) -> "to drink."

İçmekten -> "from drinking."

Thank you.



Why isn't "Sen su içmek istiyor misin?" correct? Is it because of the "sen" which is not needed?


It's correct. The only mistake is, you have "istiyor misin" instead of "istiyor musun". That's probably why it wasn't accepted.


What's the difference?


"Istiyor misin" is simply incorrect and doesn't mean anything. According to 4-way harmony, it has to be "istiyor musun" :)


Its the misin part, because I git that wrong too. "Su içmek istiyor misin" without the sen


why not içmeğı istiyor


You will get clear and complete explaination on how to use misin, mısın, musun, müsün here sir, turkishbasic.com. hope this wil help. Good luck.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPHBdYpnksE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmxBnhx67Lk: two websites about the topic of "questions", videos in English, short, clear, helpfull. Enjoy them!


Would "su içmek ister misin" also be correct?


What is the difference between 'Su içmek istiyor musun?' and 'Su içmek ister misin?' ?


Would asking someone 'what do you want to drink?' be: ne içmek istiyor musun(uz)?


A year has passed and I'm a tiny bit wiser now. Allow me to answer this question myself:
'Ne içmek istiyor musun(uz)?' doesn't make much sense. 'Ne' and 'musun(uz)' are not used together.

If the question would be: 'do you want to drink something?', 'musun(uz)' would come into play.
The open question 'what do you want to drink?' would be formed with the help of 'ne'.

"Ne içmek istiyorsun(uz)" would be the correct version.


Hapzelschnapper, i'm not English native but i remember that in English we can't say "are you wanting", "what are you wanting?" with the verb "to want" at continuous tense, in the same way as "to see", to know", etc...as we learned in several lessons. They are stative verbs and are not conjugated at continuous tense. So, "itiyorsunuz" can't be, but "istiyor musun". Have a look there:, about stative verbs, i found just now: http://eoimarbella.es/semi/EOI_IN3_U1_T1_Contenidos_v10/42_stative_and_dynamic_verbs.html. Very usefull! Enjoy it!


In other lessons it is fairly common that the questioning particle is after some word other than the last verb. Here it seems it is not allowed? I tried su içmek mi istiyorsun and that was marked wrong. Maybe i am remembering it wrong but that construction is required in other exercises, right?


Hello Sebastian292343

I tried su içmek mi istiyorsun.

I think the question particle -mi? is used for yes or no questions.

"Do you want to drink water?" Su içmek istiyor musun?

İçmek (verb) -> infinitive suffix -mek.

Duo's English question is giving you a choice.

Su içmek -> "to drink water" -> infinitive suffix -mek.

İstiyor musun? -> Do you want to?

It's easier to understand the Turkish answer when separated into two.

Thank you.


ah, so my sentence would have asked whether they wanted to drink the water or do something else with it?


Hello Sebastian292343

ah, so my sentence would have asked whether they wanted to drink the water or do something else with it? Yes.

İçmek (verb) -> "to drink."

Infinitive verbal noun.

I tried su içmek mi istiyorsun.

Also the mi? question particle clashes with, "istiyorsun."

İstiyorsun. -> "You want."

Thank you.


"Do you want to drink water?" Translation: Su içmek istiyor musun?

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