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How long would it take to create a language course with the incubator?

I have no idea how long the incubator will take to create a course. I wonder if it would take a couple week are just days. How long do you think it would take?

October 9, 2013



It depends on the people making the course, but once you take everything into account, people would probably have to sign up to make the course, be approved by Duolingo, and then make a few thousand example problems, organize them into categories, and give all of the possible definitions for all of the couple of thousand words they cover. Keeping in mind that with the incubator just starting people will probably have to deal with a few bugs, I'd say it would take at least a month to create a proper course.


I think that I will take about two weeks, to apply, be accepted and start working on the lessons. Though, I say two weeks as for the first one or two skills and then they will keep being added, and so you learn as they are added. (Or what I think it'll be like)

but then again I won't be watching for how long they do take since I am not prepared to attempt to learn a language by relearning English.

Hopefully everyone finds out soon, happy language learning.

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