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Realistic Language learning

I haven't been on duolingo for a while, so sorry if these ideas have already been posted.

  1. Basics 1 should be geared toward conversational vocabulary, such as "hello", "how are you", "where are you from", "how was your flight", "can i see a menu", "where is...", "how do you say..." Things like that; the reason people learn languages is to talk to others, and that kind of vocabulary would make it possible from day one.

  2. Duolingo should mention grammar or syntax, maybe just by mapping it out in a sentence. (vocabulary is extremely important, but grammar would be helpful to have an idea of.)

  3. It would be really cool if there were duolingo chat rooms where learners can speak with each other, or live chat with native speakers, maybe even have a link to skype right on the website.

  4. It would be fun to have a translating game where you could challenge friends or strangers at your level.

  5. There should be a part of the website giving links to other free learning resources, such as movies in the language on youtube with subtitles.

I'm really excited for the user added languages; Swedish, Macedonian, Arabic, here i come. but i'll pace myself.

Thanks for the consideration

October 9, 2013



If "can I see a menu" and "how was your flight" were in the first lesson, you'd be seeing howls of protest from people complaining that past tenses, modal verbs, and possessive pronouns are too advanced for complete beginners. I'd be inclined to agree. Remember that Duolingo's mascot is an owl, not a parrot: the idea is not to learn to recite some canned phrases, but to gain an actual understanding of the language, and for that you have to start with the basics.


I like these ideas a lot :) I definitely +1 them. More specifically with each:

  1. Well, knowing first how a language works first will help you come up with converstaional skills if you're well instructed in it, obviously each language has it's own conversational mannerisms that differ from language to language.

  2. Definitely +1'ing this one. A lot of people have many troubles mastering French Negation and German Declension (and all of it's pronominal cases, which are complicated to grasp)

  3. Very good idea, since Duolingo doesn't really have a way to have you practice coming up with the language spontaneously, which is how we really acquire fluency.

  4. Would be fun :)

  5. I'm sure a lot of people would appreaciate such a feature.



I like the idea of the chatroom. That would be great.

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