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  5. "What is in the box?"

"What is in the box?"

Translation:Cad atá sa bhosca?

June 26, 2015



Whats wrong with "cád é isteach sa bosca?"


Could you say " cad é atá sa bhosca ?" aswell?


Yes. Or céard atá sa mbosca


I've entirely lost track of when to use é or atá after céard/cad.


If an answer to the question would be copular (i.e. either identificational or classificational), then use é in the question; otherwise, use atá (or é atá) in the question.


At galaxy rocker: Why did you write "sa mbosca" instead of "sa bhosca"? Are both forms correct? Are they equivalent?


galaxyrocker’s focus is on Connacht Irish, and in Connacht Irish sa eclipses rather than lenites.

EDIT: Note that in the 2016 Caighdeán, either (den and don) or (sa) can also eclipse.


I wrote "Céard atá sa mbosca" and was marked incorrect... I thought DL accepted dialectical differences? My answer is correct in the Conamara dialect :/


Dialect versions have been added as acceptable answers on request. If nobody has requested that a particular dialect version be added, it won't be in the list of acceptable answers. The next time you get this exercise, use the Report flag, and select "My answer should be accepted".

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