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Esperanto listening comprehension not working?

I've heard from some people that they weren't getting listening comprehension exercises in Esperanto. If you're not getting listening comprehension exercises in Esperanto, but are getting them in other languages on Duolingo, please leave a comment here. I'm currently talking with developers at Duolingo and we're trying to figure out what's happening... thanks!

June 26, 2015



This is happening for me - I did the entire tree twice and never once got a listening exercise, while I was getting them without problems in my other courses. They don't come up in strengthening exercises either.


You did the tree twice?! I'm impressed!


I haven't been getting them either. I figured it was because the course was in beta. It would be wonderful if we could get listening comprehension exercises!


I thought they just weren't added. Why don't you post up somewhere what exercises should be available and we can see what we're missing?


Probably is something automatic having the voice recorded for any phrase in Esperanto.


I never got one. Also @candicehart hasn't gotten one either. We thought that it was just a beta thing.


+1 Never seen one.


Just an update that this finally started appearing in my exercises this evening! Thanks!

[deactivated user]

    I got one in an early lesson, so just one occasion on the day Esperanto was introduced, then none for the rest of the tree or in any subsequent strengthening session.


    I get them in Every language but the Esperanto tree. However, in the Esperanto Quiz tests i get them.


    I get them in other courses. Never once in Esperanto. I didn't even know we were supposed to have them.


    I have also never got one in Esperanto, but I have in other courses.


    I haven't ever received any in my Esperanto tree, but definitely have in my Spanish tree in the past (although I haven't worked on it recently).


    Same problem here


    The other question is: are they working for anyone?


    I don't get them in Esperanto either but always in Spanish.


    any update on this?


    Soon done with all of the tree and have not gotten one listening comprehension exercise. I do get them in French.


    I have them in French but not esperanto


    I'm raising my hand. I get listening exercises in French, but never in Esperanto.


    Moost of the words I've learned in the Esperanto course do not have sounds. What I mean is (my tree) does not have any sound!


    I wasn't getting them before, but I've been neglecting my poor Esperanto tree, so I'm not positive that this still the case.


    I'm leaving a comment.


    I don't believe I've been getting them. I get them in all other languages.


    I' musing the iOS app and I don't get any listening comprehension. Or speaking ones either. I get both in the Italian tree.


    The only times I have had listening comprehension exercises is when doing a progress quiz.


    I am in this category. I get listening comprehension excercises in Portuguese (for English speakers) but I have never seen one in the current beta version of Esperanto.


    I had them in Spanish, French, German and Swedish the day before Esperanto was released. I don't have them in Esperanto.


    I'm not getting them and I just passed the final checkpoint a few lessons ago. I thought that it was just because the course was in beta. I get them in everything else.


    Since I started my Esperanto course, I've never meet any listening exercise. I'm really wondering why, too.


    I did for some of the starting lessons but not past the 4th branch. I don't even get the speech bubble thing that lets me replay the recording. I hope it's an easy fix :)


    I haven't gotten them because I assumed that it was part of it being it beta--along with speaking exercises as well. EDIT: I have been receiving them in the Spanish language tree, and I do remember getting them in the Esperanto progress quiz.


    I have only had them in the progress test, not in the lessons or refreshers. I've used both mobile-browser and web-browser.


    It doesn't work for me either.


    I never see any listening exercises in esperanto either. Not all of the esperanto sentences are spoken, but I'm pretty sure this is because they have not all been individually recorded yet, right?


    I don't get them too.


    This is me too. When I was doing German and Spanish, I got listening exercises, but I never have had any in Esperanto. I did the quiz twice though, and got listening exercises in it.


    I'm getting "say this sentence into your microphone" for Ukranian (but not Esperanto) and "here are some words that are both on screen and read aloud" for both, but I have a feeling listening comprehension would be "write the words you hear" and I haven't gotten any of that on either language.


    Well, I'm not getting them. I didn't mind because I thought they didn't exist in Esperanto due to it using a real recorded voice, not TTS. But now I want it!


    I do not get them in Esperanto, but I do get them in Spanish and Portuguese (though for Portuguese I only get them on my laptop for whatever reason). Thanks a ton for your constant and relentless efforts to make this Esperanto course so awesome!


    Hi Amuzulo, I have this problem. I'm not currently doing any other courses but I have been able to access listening exercises in them in the past. None show up in Esperanto though.


    Happens here. I just finished the tree without having got one listening exercise.


    Nope, not getting them either :(


    The only time I definitely got listening exercises was in the placement test. I'm not sure, but I might have got them in the progress test? I can't remember for definite either way. I've never had any doing lessons, and have in other languages.


    I have that problem, I have never that exercise in esperanto, but it is allowed in settings, and it works for french from spanish


    So far no listening comprehension exercises in Esperanto :( Also sometimes the voice autoplay does not do its job and in those cases the sound symbol never shows up. Word pronunciation (hovering over a word) has never worked.


    I was under the impression that the sound wasn't there on some of the exercises because it wanted to train reading. When there is a speaker icon, the autoplay sometimes plays multiple times or is very delayed, but I assumed that was because of my terrible internet connection.


    Esperanto is the only course where autoplay doesn't work all the time, so it doesn't seem intentional. Delayed autoplay sounds like a connection problem to me too.


    I haven't gotten any listening exercises in the Esperanto tree. I thought it was just a beta thing :P


    I'm the same as everyone else. I get listening comprehension in German but not Esperanto.


    I don't have any listening exercises either!


    I’ve never had any speaking or listening exercises.


    I got a couple during the placement test at the beginning, but not since then.


    Me neither. Got them in the other languages, though.


    I just assumed this course didn't have them for some reason. I'm a few skills away from finishing and have never gotten a listening exercise.


    Not working for me either, although I have had them in Swedish and Spanish.


    I just realized that I didn't have them either by reading this post. I'm not far in the tree though, and being conscious it's still in beta, I didn't think much of it so far.


    No listening comprehension exercises for me either during the whole tree.


    I never got a listening comprehension exercise on my iPhone or on my desktop.


    add me to the list of people who never got them. I been try to listen to Esperanto radio but given that my listening comprehension is so bad I can only get a few wheres here and there. Any chance that this will be fix soon?


    Hi Chuck, do you have any update on this? Is it going to happen, not going to happen, or are they just going to ignore it like the rest of the issues with the site? Hopefully you have the inside track to somebody there as I can't even find a feedback address for sending in bug reports, we seem to be limited to reporting sentence issues to the team. :(


    Hi, I hope you still receive messages ! I can't hear the comprehension exercises. ... even 3 years after your post. That's especially a problem when I want to use the key. Because if I don't hear, I can't answer, so 4 "wrongs" come and I have to do it again. Esperanto is easy, I can't spend time for nothing lesson by lesson, I would really enjoy to be able to hear to go my own rythm.

    At least, add a button "I can't hear now", as well it exists "I can't speak now", so it will jump to the next questions without considering the answer as Wrong.

    Thank you very much.

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