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  5. "Він не п'є чай на вечерю."

"Він не п'є чай на вечерю."

Translation:He does not drink tea for dinner.

June 26, 2015



This is a problem with this kind of sentence in DuoLingo. The same structure is used for food and drink, but in English "for dinner" and "at dinner" make a huge difference -- as noted, to have tea for dinner means only tea; but to have tea at dinner means to drink tea along with whatever food you are eating...


Vin ne pje czaj na verczerju - He doesn't drink tea for dinner | Vin ne pje czaj za verczerju - He doesn't drink tea at/during dinner


Why is вечерю used here and not вечеря


He does not drink tea at dinner? What would this sentence be in Ukrainian?


Yeah, I think this sentence is strange, it really sounds like "He doesn't drink tea for dinner" i.e. just tea, nothing else...

He doesn't drink tea at dinner = Він не п’є чай за вечерею

Or you could also say під час вечері = "during the dinner" or після вечері = "after the dinner"


Was this supposed to be one of the fun, goofy sentences?


I also wrote "at dinner" and got it wrong. Seems like the guy has only tea for dinner. :)


I thought this sentence was a great play on words, since tea is both a drink and the evening meal. Unfortunately, tea is not yet accepted for вечерю


Off topic: I'm surprised to see many comments after 18 months of work this far into program.


Ó відповіді правильні


Poor choice of words, which probably doesn't make sense for the great majority of us, and so when translating we struggle to utter this nonsense

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