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  5. "Maten her er billig."

"Maten her er billig."

Translation:The food here is cheap.

June 26, 2015



said no one ever in Norway :D


Norwegians say this all the time! Whenever they travel abroad…


Does "billig" in norwegian have the same dual-meaning of "inexpensive" and "poor quality" that "cheap" does in english?


Someone has been eating at my house, again.


Does anyone else hear "har"? Are "har" and "her" pronounced similarly?


The a in har is pronounced a bit higher and further in the back of the mouth, whereas the a in her is a bit like in klær. Imho (;


For an example of the first a, think of how Vegard Ylvisåker's name is pronounced ^-^ that's how i practice hearing and pronouncing it right..


So i understand that all verbs go into the 2nd position not the 2nd word, but i would appreciate parts of speech which can go into the 1st position and push the verb aside (Ex: Preopositional phrases, coordinating conjunctions,etc.), thank you in advance!


How is the second word different from the second position?


Let me give you an example. "I like cheese" notice that the verb is the second word and is in the second position. However, "My mother's friend is in prison" notice that the verb is not the second word but is in the second position.


Godt eksempel, takk for å forklare.


Why it;s not biligE? in definite forms you add 'e'. Maten is definite....


'Billige' is plural of 'Billig', and because this sentence has 'Maten', not 'Matene' it is 'Billig'


No, you add 'e' for the plural forms.

You are probably thinking of the double definite (I don't know if that's the correct term), which here would be 'den billige maten' - the cheap food.


Is "Maten er billig har" incorrect?


You have written 'har' instead of 'her'. If this was intentional then I would say your sentence is incorrect because you have put a present tense marker 'r' on the verb 'ha'. However, if you are wanting to say 'The food is cheap to have', then the sentence works except it should be written 'Maten er billig å ha'. I think a better sentence would be 'Maten er billig å kjøpe' (The food is cheap to buy). Both sentences seem incomplete to me, though. If 'har' was a mistake, then 'Maten er billig her' (The food is cheap here) is a correct sentence.

Please note that I, like you, am learning Norwegian and because of this I possibly have made errors here.
Lykke til!


Så lenge det ikke smaker sem papp.

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