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My first golden owl!

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So, here we are finally! I made it till the end of the Spanish tree! I am aware of the fact I'm still far away of being able to speak or understand the language, but it feels good to finish the tree!

I made the rule for myself to not do something new unless my whole tree was golden. Consequently I've had weeks in which I did nothing but strengthening... A frustrating process, but more than worth it when you consider how much better you remember those words.

To everyone on Duolingo, my best advice is to keep your streak alive. It is litterally the only thing that kept me going during exams. Of course I did not do a lot XP each day during the exams, but the streak is the reason why I was able to finish the tree after all.

For now I think I will let go of the streak. It has become more of an obligation than something I really like... Today the exams ended and I think it is pretty nice that I was able to finish the tree at the same day. I will return after some free time. My brain has deserved some rest! I will however start a DisneyMarathon in Spanish... Bringing the childhood back up to learn a language, can't think of anything better to start the vacation!

Good luck to you all in finishing your tree(s), the satisfaction I feel now is worth strenthening that same skill for the tenth time!

3 years ago