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  5. "Ви подорожуєте влітку?"

"Ви подорожуєте влітку?"

Translation:Do you travel in summer?

June 26, 2015



How do you say : Are you travelling during the summer ?


I tested using "during the summer" and it was marked incorrect (also tested the first translation with "during the winter" and was marked incorrect as well). I agree "during the xyz" should be correct and preferable.

I reported it.


You are right. The definite article may be used before seasons, e.g. in (the) summer, in (the) winter, etc.


We just say "влітку". It means the same thing for us, apparently, "in summer" and "during the summer"

You can say "during summer vacation" ~~> "Ви подорожуєте під час літніх канікул?" (vacation for students) "... під час літньої відпустки?" (for people with jobs)

But "during summer" ~~> "під час літа" sounds really odd to me.


LOL I actually had to google translate канікул. I would use either відпустку or, more likely, вакаціі.

Yes, I would use "під час" or "через" (через to mean "throughout" the summer).

I suggested it before, but maybe it's an eastern Ukraine thing. haha.


Well, канікули is just a word for the vacation from studies (school or university), and відпустка is vacation from work, you can't really interchange them.

Вакації - never even knew this word exists in Ukrainian! :D But it does, I guess I just live in the region where people don't use it.

Під час канікул or під час відпустки definitely works, but під час літа still sounds a little strange to me. You meant, maybe the last one is an eastern Ukrainian thing?


Yes, east versus western Ukraine. You know, it could be something like "let's call the whole thing off."

What region is your knowledge of Ukrainian from?


Yep, exactly, call it off and don't confuse poor learners with these specifics :)

I am a complicated case... I was born in a small town in Київська область, went to school in Київ, but my father is from Полтава and my mother is Russian, AND for the last five years I have been living in Asia communicating mostly in Chinese and English, so you would often hear me saying unintentional nonsense like "оранжевий сік", "републіка", "ресторант" and even "цей один"... So I am quite often wrong... ^^()

How about you, sir?


Yes! Vinnfred. Exactly. :)


"Під час літа" is grammatically incorrect in this particular situation. We use "влітку" or "літом" which already means "during the summer" and "in summer" 2 in 1. We don't separate the meanings. The "через літо" version will mean "because of the summer" and won't suit the sense.


Wait, через літо?.... Sounds like after the summer to me O_o Like через тиждень, через рік... But also never heard, never used... I have to travel more in Ukraine! QQ


It sounds like you have a fascinating life!

Reading your post, I just realized that you're too young :) to understand the reference. The, song, among other things, word plays different pronunciations of the same word. The somewhat comparable situation is, depending on what part of Ukraine you're from, the same thing will be called варе́ники or пероги. That is what I meant.

I was born in the United States, first generation of the immigration of the late 40's and early 50's.

Lately, I haven't had an opportunity to speak very much Ukrainian, so when I saw this course I decided to see what I know. I've kept Vinnfred very busy! LOL Actually, the further into the course I get the more complex the material, but the easier it is for me. I usually didn't have much of a problem speaking, it was reading and writing that I found difficult.


Whoa, amazing! I cannot imagine at all how it can be, how you feel and perceive Ukrainian from your peculiar angle! :o That's why you didn't know зимові та літні канікули*, obviously, you never went to school in Ukraine ^^

You should totally speak more Ukrainian, don't hesitate keeping us busy :)


(*) There is also a very important thing called карантин (you can easily guess what it means) which for us was just another additional type of канікули :D


Instead of через літо I would say після літо.


Yes, of course, після літа

But then you wrote

» Yes, I would use "під час" or "через" (через to mean "throughout" the summer).

I got confused with that

I think we should move this interesting (for me at least) conversation somewhere out of this thread cause we're totally flooding it here...


Привіт! I, like Myron, have always used the word "вакації" for "vacation". I had never heard of "канікули" before until a few years back. In Canada & the States, Australia, England, the 'older' Ukrainian language has been retained for decades, and we still feel and think and are proud to BE Ukrainian - even if we were born in the West.

I find it very beneficial & stimulating reading everyone's point of views, questions, advice, and the interplay Ukrainian-speakers world wide. It's wonderful & fascinating to see & hear & communicate & learn new words & phrases from one another! THIS is THE Way it should BE!

Я Вам всім щиро дякую за чудове спілкування! :D

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