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"The color of the wine is red."

Translation:La koloro de la vino estas ruĝa.

June 26, 2015



Take note: The wine isn't red, but the color of the wine is :P


This brings up a good question. Could one be saying with this phrase, "the color of the wine is (dyed) red (but the type of wine itself is actually white wine).

Also, could one just say for short, "La vino estas ruĝa"?


One certainly could say 'La vino estas ruĝa', and it would be correct, but then it wouldn't test one's knowledge of Esperanto grammar, would it?


Why is using 'ruĝas' instead of 'estas ruĝa' wrong in this sentence? :s


It's now accepted - July 24, 2018.


I know the letters are there below the box, but why isn't it accepting "gx" as "ĝ"?


I've had a reply from some admin that it is to be fixed by Duolingo. It's totally fine in Esperanto.


Would it not also be grammatical to say la koloro de la vino estas ruĝo?

Red could be taken to be a noun in English, and esti can be used to say one noun is another noun.

You couldn't couldn't say la vino estas ruĝo because it makes no sense for wine to be the colour red, but it would make sense for a colour (the colour of the wine) to be the colour red.

[deactivated user]

    Just when I thought I understood the accusative...

    So is "the colour of the wine" the subject of the sentence in this case?


    The accusative case doesn't follow the copula (esti). There is no object in this sentence.


    I thought I had read somewhere (dictionary/grammar book) that "la" would never follow "de".


    For those reading along - three years later - I think DaneTaylor1 must be thinking of this:

    • never say da la.

    More detail here



    It must have referred to a specific use of de, because de la is completely normal.


    Oh, well it does.

    Here is a sentence from the Akademio de Esperanto:

    "Kiam nia lingvo estos oficiale akceptita de la registaroj"...

    Very finvenkistic sentence, but it serves the purpose.


    How can you show ownership for proper nouns? Can I say 'la vinoa koloro estas ruĝa'?

    • "The color of the wine is red."
    • Translation:La koloro de la vino estas ruĝa.
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