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  5. "Kan jeg hjelpe deg, frøken?"

"Kan jeg hjelpe deg, frøken?"

Translation:Can I help you, Miss?

June 26, 2015



So would one just drop "Miss"?


Isn't "deg" + "frøken" a strange combo?


Not at all. :)

The formal/polite pronouns don't see much use in modern Norwegian, if that's what you were thinking about?


The same as in Swedish then :), which is something I really appreciate. But I just thought that if you don't use the formal pronoun, then do you really call someone "frøken"?


Nobody would call anyone 'frøken' unless you were talking to a five year old girl. The use of 'frøken', 'fru' and 'herr' in this course is mainly to acknowledge their existence and their usage in older texts, and have little use in modern Norwegian.


I see, very much like Swedish then.


what is the way to address to someone in the street? Someone whom you don't know that is?


Why would you talk to a stranger?

"Hei du der" if you want the persons attention.

"Unnskyld (meg)" if you want to ask a question.


(for some reason I cannot reply on your next comment, there is no reply button) yes, I meant when you need to draw their attention, for example, you see they dropped something and did not notice, or you know they are coming to you but you don't know their name. Thank you.


(there is still no reply button) there ARE cases :) my job is all about working with people, so sometimes I meet them at strange places and sometimes I have to approach them first. Like...you are standing at the meeting spot and you see someone who comes there and starts looking around, obviously in search of something, so you just call them and ask "Hey, are you here for the research?" And yes, since I work with people and social research, I can give you real life examples for virtually any possible and impossible situation you can ever think of :) mostly because I had it happening at least once haha but yeah, I digress, and I got the answer I was looking for, thanks!


Also if you see an interesting person you want to talk to out on the street or on a train or talking to people at a bar or a club or any number of reason one might need to approach somebody they don't know lol. 'Hei du der' does seem to be useful then thank you very much :D


How would you not know they're name if you know they're coming?

If you need to draw their attention you'd say "Hei du i den blå jakka" if they were wearing a blue jacket. Or whatever they're wearing at the time.


Do norwegians actually say this?

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