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  5. "Ви шукаєте светр?"

"Ви шукаєте светр?"

Translation:Are you looking for a sweater?

June 26, 2015



'Are you looking for a jumper?' should be accepted.


We also have a word джемпер :)

But yeah, report it, I think you are right


Hmm wait I googled светр and джемпер in images and it looks like светр is any kind of pullover but джемпер is some other sweater-like kind of clothes... Is it the same in English?


Thanks, I reported it to be safe. There may be slight differences of which I am unaware, but in general what is called a sweater in American English would be called a jumper in UK/Standard English.


In American English, a jumper is more like a full body outfit, typically associated with toddlers and small children.

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