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Pronunciation help for plurals

Hello, can someone tell me the pronunciation difference between the singular and plural versions of the words below (as examples)?

Cat versus cait Leabhar versus leabhair Turtar versus turtair Capall versus capaill

Thank you for the help!


June 26, 2015



All of your examples are differences between broad consonants (singular) and slender consonants (plural). Do you have familiarity with phonetic topics such as palatalization or the International Phonetic Alphabet?


Not prior to reviewing those links; thank you. So broad consonants are or are not palatized compared to slender consonants?


Broad consonants are usually velarized, and slender consonants are usually palatalized. The correspondence between orthography and phonemes in Irish can be seen here.


This is helpful. The Munster dialect is the only one that sounds remotely close to what were taught here, but I can't seem to make the sound that is being made for the "r" in leabhair versus leabhar.


This is a description from an old book, Aids to the Pronunciation of Irish, page 23:

The slender sound of {@style=font-family: 'Bunchlo Arsa GC', 'BunchloArsaGC', serif; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; font-size: 12pt}r is produced by spread in the tongue and forming a small hollow in the front portion of it. The point of the tongue is brought close to the gum just above the upper teeth (i.e., below the “hard rim” ). The stream of voiced breath is directed into the hollow in the front of the tongue, and can be felt striking the lower lip.


Try to learn russian or any other Slavic language. There are a lot of similar sounds in them. Like дверь, зверь, корь etc.

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