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from English to Spanish

It is a little hard

what do you think?

3 years ago



stop complaining!!!!! learning a new language may be hard at first but as u practice more ull get use to it... im kind of a starter just like u.... i said the same thing at first..but now im more happier than ever dat i am learning a new with duolingo!!!!!

3 years ago


Yeah you are right

3 years ago


Everything is hard when you start :)

I`m always thinking about Spanish language. ( I mean I would like to learn Spanish because it is nice. I enjoy when somebody speaks in Spanish. )

Two times I started to learn some words from book. But I didn`t continue , I just stop. And I thought it is hard to me. If you really want to study something, than you can do it. Like NIKE advertisement: Just do it. :)

Now with Duolingo I started to it again from zero. It is hard, but I like it. I have some motivations too. So now it`s better. :)

Good luck, and never give up ! :)

3 years ago