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"Sen onlara bir kitap okursun."

Translation:You read them a book.

June 26, 2015



Why cant i say: you read a book "for" them?


you read a book to them = sen onlara bir kitap okursun.

you read a book for them = sen onlar için bir kitap okursun.


Or you can say:
you read them one book (easier & better)


would it make sense still if the "sen" was dropped from the sentence?

[deactivated user]

    Thanks for answering AlexinNotTurkey. I had a similar question. I guess what I want to know is where verbs "exhibit person" the personal pronoun can be omitted.


    How do you say, "you read a book with them"


    Onlarla bir kitap okursun. :) You will learn this later in the tree. :)


    Why" to them " we should say "for them"


    Not really. In English, you tend to "read something to someone." You only read something "for" someone if they are unable to do it (like an old person who can't see or a child who can't read yet).


    Yes, you can even read a book for the blind man to his chıldren.


    i often agree with you and do appreciate your help, but in English, they are interchangeable and accurate. I read books for my children (they are are able) but i am doing it in their stead, hence i read it for them :) or better, i am reading it for their enjoyment so it's said "for" not to. like a gift :)


    Why we say "kitap okur" but "menüyü okur"?


    "kitap okur" is a general direct object. "He reads a book/books"

    "kitabı okur" is also fine, but it is a specific direct object. "He reads the book."

    They just mean slightly different things. :)

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