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I know how to make sentences with "У мене є" and "У вас є". But what if I wanted to say something like "My city has..."? Would it be "У моє місті є"? Could someone explain me the use of this construction deeper?

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June 26, 2015


Instead of using construction "У моєму місті є вода"="There is water in my city", you can use "My city has water"="Моє місто має воду". Actually, I think, that this kind is more relative for Ukrainian and more similar with English. "У мене є кішка"="I have a cat" "Я маю кішку"="I have a cat" (the only problem is, that you need to set the ending of the Dative case).

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    It is true that "я маю" can sound more natural and Ukrainian in many occurrences like you have shown, but the case you use for the object is Accusative, not Dative!

    Yes, I've heard of the two possession possibilities before. So it doesn't matter if I use "Я маю" and "У мене є" or is there a difference of meaning, or one construction is more natural/common than the other?

    It would be "У моєму місті є ..." You have to use the locative case of the pronoun

    Examples of masculine and neuter genders

    • У моєму місті є вода

    • У моєму селі є ліс

    • У моєму домі є кіт

    • У моєму комп'ютері є вірус

    Examples of the feminine gander

    • У моїй каві є цукор

    • У моїй школі є вчитель

    • У моїй піці є ковбаса

    Examples of the plural

    • У моїх батьків є син

    • У моїх синів є дім

    • У моїх друзів є кава

    Sory, my english is not perfect.

    Thank you very much! And by the way your English is very good!

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