"Who wants to eat that apple?"

Translation:Kiu volas manĝi tiun pomon?

June 27, 2015



What is the difference between "tio" and "tiu" .. Examples?

October 11, 2015


I am struggling with this distinction as well. One sentence uses tio for "...want to say that...", but the next uses tiu for "...wants to eat that apple..."

The best I can understand is that tio is used when the "that" is not specified. In my first phrase we don't know what is being said exactly.

In the second phrase tiu is used because the "that" specifically refers to the apple that is mentioned.

October 11, 2015


i have no clue when and when not to us "ke"

June 27, 2015


this is billiant

June 28, 2015


What would the translation for "this apple" be?

May 22, 2017


"tio pomo"

Tio pomo estas bona. Mi havas tion pomon. Mi volas pomon, tion mi povas mangxi.

April 15, 2018
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