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Why are there not "Tips" for ever lesson of every language?

The single most important addition that needs to be made to Duolingo is adding these helpful little sections in every lesson. I really fell in love with the way them in the beginning of the German and Spanish lessons, but find them no where to be seen in any of the other languages at all. The addition of these helpful "tips" that are more like the actually lesson than just tips is the one thing that could make Duolingo better as it stands now.

December 28, 2012



i haven't seen much "tips" when i get further with german lessons, either. it is disappointing. i am getting closer to the end and it takes days for me to find a clear explanation about the grammar rules, etc. through other sites. please add more tips or at least "links" where we can refer to.


I love that function. I think it's one of the elements that makes Duolingo so much better than other RosettaStone-style sites. I hope it reaches out to the other languages.

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