"My husband advised me about my work."

Translation:Mia edzo konsilis min pri mia laboro.

June 27, 2015

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The third option says "maltrakviliĝas", shouldn’t this be "maltraNkviliĝas"?


Maltrankviliĝi = "agitate, disturb, ruffle, upset."

Hmm, for some families, you may be right.


I'm saying that I don't think that "maltrakviligxas" is a word and it just might be a typo missing an N between A and K.


Ha, mia eraro.

The forum here has some editing tricks which you might wish to learn. An Asterisk on either side of some text creates italics, the same with an underscore. But 2 asterisks will create bold words/letters.

If you had bolded the n in MaltraNkvilĝas … well, you understand.


Reading the two words works too, as they are clearly spelt differently.

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