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"Tá cúig dhuine dhéag san oifig."

Translation:There are fifteen people in the office.

June 27, 2015



Interesting pronunciation of dhuine. I came up with choinne, which sort of made sense in context, based on experience of interminable meetings.


i am hearing chun a or choinne not dhuine


...we've had a very aspirated broad 'dh' before... I thought I read that the guttural 'dh' is a characteristic of Connacht Irish?


That figures, hearing this pronunciation from Connacht: https://forvo.com/word/c%C3%BAig_dhuine_dh%C3%A9ag/#ga


What's paul up to now? :)


So isn't it necessary to use the numerals for people if you are counting people?


No, it’s not necessary. Since the largest personal number is 12, no personal number option is available for 15 people.


You can say Tá cúigear déag san oifig


What does dhéag mean on its own? I get that here it functions like "teen" but if it was outside this context, all on its own, would it be translates the same way?


déag is to deich as "teen" is to "ten" - even to the extent that the Irish for "teenager" is déagóir.


Confused I am....this is first time I have seen daoine used. In other sentences the daoine is left out and yet the translation into English assumes the word daoine is mentioned


cúigear is a "human conjunctive number" - it is used for counting people, so you don't need to add duine. If you're talking about specific types of people, like páistí, or feirmeoirí, you can specify that (using the genitive plural). But cúig is just a general conjunctive number, and you have to specify what it is you're counting - it could be bosca or cathaoir or duine (you use the nominative singular after a general conjunctive number in most cases).

There are only 10 "human conjunctive numbers". It is possible to say Tá cúigear déag san oifig, but it is normal to just use the general conjunctive numbers once you go above 12 people.



Why is the word dhuine needed; in other examples in this module the word duine is not used and yet it is taken that people, or a person is being referred to


Just guessing that, as 'ordinary' numbers are used here rather than the special ones used for people, it is necessary to identify what is being talked about. If you left out 'duine', you would just be saying that 'there are 15 in the office' - but 15 what? Could be chairs, windows............. But this construction is needed here as there is no special number for more than 12 people.

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