"Der Vogel enthält Gemüse."

Translation:The bird contains vegetables.

December 28, 2012

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There is a stuffed turkey on the table. A turkey is commonly refered to as "the bird" or "a bird" around Thanksgiving or Christmas. As in "Did you pick up the bird?" meaning "did you buy a turkey at the grocery store", or "Did you stuff the bird yet?" meaning "did you already insert little chunks of bread, seasoning, giblets and most likely VEGETABLES, into the turkey?".

Someone could state that they absolutely hate vegetables and don't want any, just turkey. To which someone might reply "Well, the bird contains vegetables." It's not that much of a stretch. They probably wouldn't use those exact words, but with a little imagination it's easy to find a use for the sentence. Another situation, you want to order a turkey meal at a restaurant but the write up on the menu doesn't say anything about vegetables...so you ask your waiter if it comes with any vegetables. He replies "the bird contains vegetables". If the sentence was "Purple eats Mars hating airplane destroy banana twinkling" then you may have something to complain about.


Welcome to the early lessons. Elephants do a lot of strange things, too...

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