"Guardo attraverso il bicchiere."

Translation:I look through the cup.

December 28, 2012

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... as I contemplate my miserable existence (beginning of a crime novel??)


Usually I just disregard capitalization, but this time I was warned I spelled guardo wrong for not capitalizing the G. . . is there some capitalization rule I should know about?


I have also been (successfully) disregarding capitalization and punctuation in order to complete the timed drills in the allotted time. I wonder if what you encountered is new.


Yes, it is physically POSSIBLE to look through a drinking glass, but I would argue that this is not a good example to use as a sentence to teach language. Better to use the word for "glass" (what is that in Italian?) which one would commonly look through and not to confuse students. My humble opinion.


cup=tazza glass=bicchiere


She means the word for glass, as in "the window is made of glass" and not "give me a glass of water". I agree it would be a little more normal, but this is not hard to understand, really.


No, that would be 'il vetro'.


That's what I'm saying. It would be a tad more common to say "Guardo attraverso il vetro" than "Guardo attraverso il bicchiere". But both are pretty CLEAR to understand. ;)


Ah, ok. My bad. The 'she' referred to Elena ;-). I supposed you meant the computer voice ;-) So, I agree with you and Elena and all of you! Cheers!


I can find no dictionary which gives 'cup' as a meaning for bicchiere.


Bicchiere is more commonly used for glass, as in "un bicchiere vino rosso"


My translation " I see through the cup" was wrong. Why?


"See" would be "vedo". The meaning is very similar, but you still should use the closest translation possible.


Thanks Gandalf!


I don't think anyone would refer to a window in English by saying "the glass" so I don't know what the confusion is about. The window is made of glass (uncountable) whereas a glass or the glass is clearly a glass object made for the purpose of drinking, so a drinking glass.

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