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  5. "She drinks a glass of wine."

"She drinks a glass of wine."

Translation:Ŝi trinkas glason da vino.

June 27, 2015



Why da and not de here? I had a sentence earlier that seemed the same; I used da and it marked it wrong and said de was correct. I don't get the difference between da and de.


glaso de vino is a wine glass -- a glass used for drinking wine. You can't drink a container; it's solid

glaso da vino is a glass of wine, or a glassful of wine, if you prefer: wine in the quantity of one glassful. You can drink wine.


Why ot Sxi drinkas glason da vino ?


"Drinki" is drinking a lot of alcohol - too much even, perhaps.

Just one glass of wine would not be "drinki". (And even if she had ten bottles of wine that evening, she might "drinki vinon" that evening, but she wouldn't "drinki glason da vino" each individual glass.)


Dankon al vi ! Mi komprenas pli bone.


Why not "Sxi trinkas glason da vinon?


Because da is a preposition, and like most prepositions, is followed by the nominative case. (The exceptions I can think of are those that can indicate location or destination of movement, and take different cases depending on which of those they signify.)

A bit like how in English you say "They drink water" but "Both of them drink water" -- you would not say "Both of they drink water" because the form "them" is demanded by the preposition "of" rather than by the fact that "both of them" is the subject.

So here, too, you need vino because it's the complement of the preposition da, regardless of whether the prepositional phrase da vino is part of the subject or the object.

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