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"When the earth is between the sun and the moon, we cannot see the moon shine."

Translation:Kiam la tero estas inter la suno kaj la luno, ni ne povas vidi la lunon brili.

June 27, 2015



Kwoh, this is a hefty sentence.


Why is brili in the infinitive? I can't ever get this one right because brilas makes so much more sense


I'm having the same issue with other sentences of the same nature.


I think the words “Earth”, “Sun” and “Moon” ought to be capitalised, because it's not any moon (natural satellite) we're talking about, nor any sun (star orbited by the planet we use as a point of reference), nor earth meaning “soil, the substance of the land”.


the moon shine - can it be that moon is ajective and shine is noun?


I'm never going to get this one! I've done it three times and there's always something that dings me.

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