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"We are approximately an hour away."

Translation:Vi er omtrent en time væk.

June 27, 2015



Hvorfor kan man ikke bruge "omkring" her?


What's the difference between omtrent and omkring, please?


The Danish "omkring" and "omtrent" both mean "about", "approx.", "around", etc., but are used in different contexts. e.g. "I look around" = "Jeg ser mig omkring". But NEVER " Jeg ser mig omtrent". "They are about the same age" = "De har omtrent den samme alder". Please note though, that some people use "omkring" more often than is correct, but is understood or accepted anyway. Whereas "omtrent" may not be used where one should use "omkring". A good description is given in "Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger - dansk/engelsk".


The way i understand it. Omtrent is old danish and not used anymore. Omkring is more correct


Is there any reason why the abreviated form of circa "ca" not accepted, as this is the way it usually appears in newspapers etc.?


Three of us have posted so far, with three good questions, but NO ANSWERS.

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