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Castillian or South American Spanish?

Which dialect of Spanish does DuoLingo teach? My daughter is learning Castillian Spanish at school, and I don't want to throw her off with this if it teaches the SA Spanish. Thoughts?

October 9, 2013



No that's not all there is. I've been studying Spanish for a while and here are the differences I know of (but there may be others) : - pronunciation - use of Vosotros vs ustedes - use of the future tense (in SA you don't really use the simple future form whilst in Spain you do) - the use of past tense (pretérito perfecto and pretérito indefinido - "le mató" vs "le ha matado") - vocabulary... (eg alquilar vs rentar, el piso vs la planta vs el apartamiento)...

But 1/ People still understand each other in most cases 2/ If she's a beginner, she won't really notice the difference, I don't think it should be a problem!


Thanks for the detailed examples.


Besides the pronunciation of de "c", the use of Vosotros instead of Ustedes (the plural of you) which changes the termination of the verb, something like this: Ustedes juegan, vosotros jugais... But it's important to know both conjugations with both subjects. That's all the difference there is, the grammar, the structure of phrases are the same.


i think you may consider that there is not one single SA Spanish.... in case of doubt you can go to some "official" webpage like www.rae.es or www.cervantes.es that can solve any doubt.... I don't know the age of your daughter but as a starting point Duolingo is enough, but as a Spanish native speaker I cant tell you that nothing can be compared with speak with a native


She's 10. Her teacher is from Spain, though I don't know what region. It's an immersion class, so the teacher only speaks Spanish, and the kids are only supposed to speak Spanish also.

Thanks for your insight.


At that age she only can be learnt about basic words and sounds. Now in Spain we have the same problem with kids at the same age being teached English.... I suppose the teacher had to pass some exams to teach Spanish abroad, so he knows when a word is only said in Spain or in other countries. Good luck with her start in Spanish study, She will start suffering when she has to learn the verbs..... yo estudio, tú estudias, él estudia......

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