"You have become red in the back of your neck."

Translation:Du er blevet rød i din nakke.

June 27, 2015

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And nakke wasn't listed as a choice when you put the arrow over "neck".


Er det ok at skrive "Du er blevet rød i nakken."?


I have translated it directly: "du er blevet rød i bagsiden af din hals" and got incorrect :( But why?

[deactivated user]

    That would be "Du er blevet rød på bagsiden af din hals."

    I don't know if your version should be accepted, but "nakke" is certainly the best translation of "the back of the neck".


    so does nakken mean the neck or the nape?


    Nakke is on the same side of you as your back, while hals is on the same side as your face.

    If you know Finnish, these are niska and kaula, respectively.


    This is confusing as a neck has a front as well as a back and your throat is inside your neck


    "nake" was not even listed as an option.


    Kan ordet "rødmer" bruges i sætningen?


    Is nakke always neck and hals always throat? The giraff would have a long neck, but it's throat is long anatomically.


    Thought we were looking for the 'back' of the neck?


    In one excercise, "pain in the back of my neck" is "ondt i nakken", implied that the neck is my neck. Here, "red in the back of your neck" is "rød i din nakken", where it requires "din". Is the difference my versus your, or pain versus color, or something else?


    I've just done the one where they give you the words and this time they wanted nakken AND IT WASN'T THERE!


    Never mind. "Din" is optional. It marked me wrong because of a different mistake that I had made.

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