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  5. "On Friday we eat chicken."

"On Friday we eat chicken."

Translation:På fredag spiser vi kylling.

June 27, 2015



Is there a good explanation somewhere for verb/subject ordering? I am so perpetually confused by it.


Fun times: Learn Norwegian for a while, run out of spare time, drop it for two years, eventually come back, get to a sentence that I find extremely confusing, and discover that my confusion is already the top comment.



The verb is always in the second position. "Vi spiser kylling på fredag" is another way of writing this sentence, but 'vi' kan be either before or after the verb, depending on where you put 'på fredag'.

("Vi spiser på fredag kylling" would not be accepted.)


So why is "På fredag vi spiser kylling" incorrect? I haven't the sentence structured like this before.


The verb is always in the second position.

... And when I say always, there are come exceptions. 'på fredag' makes up the first position.


no one's arguing about that part, it's the "vi spiser" being incorrect and "spiser vi" being correct that we're confused about


Because v2 means v2 1: [På fredag(adverb. When)] + 2:[spiser(verb.)] + ......

As far as I understand. There are exceptions (ie. V1/V3) that exist but as a rule V2 is most prolific.


Can you put "chicken" first? "Kylling spiser vi på fredag" or "Kylling spiser på fredag vi"?


You can say either "Vi spiser kylling på fredag" or "Kylling spiser vi på fredag", just as long as the verb is place second :)


I still don't understand why "På fredag vi spiser kylling" is incorrect?


På onsdager vi har på oss rosa.


I think it needs to be "På onsdager har vi på oss rosa."


This is correct :)

A short note: 'på onsdag' means next wednesday, 'på onsdager' means wednesdays in general. Both are correct, of course.


And just to clarify: 'om onsdagen' is as correct as 'på onsdager' if you speak of Wednesdays in general, right?


I can only find results in Danish for that phrase, and it sounds a bit odd, so I would avoid it and stick to 'på onsdager' :)

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