"The musician played the fiddle but he died."

Translation:Sheinn an ceoltóir an fhidil ach fuair sé bás.

June 27, 2015

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And that's why you should never play the fiddle!


I don’t know about that — what are the odds that if someone else plays the fiddle, that he’ll die again? ;*)


Yes, I didn't know that either. Shocking. People who play the fiddle die! Warning labels should be attached. Has the Surgeon General been informed of this?


That one went south fast.


Could you also say "d'éag sé"?


How would one pronounce "Fhidil"? Is the "fh" silent or would you still use an f sound?


A few times recently I have heard "bhásaigh sé" used in interviews on "Saol Ó Dheas". Is this widely used or is it just a Munster thing?


I have also seen the phrase "he died" written as "fuair sé a bhás" (literal translation: "he got his death"). Is this acceptable or is it more of an old form of expression?


go raibh maith agat (spellcheck screwed up the last reply)


I've seen both used by both younger and older speakers. I'd say fuair sé a bhás would be a bit more emphatic/dramatic than fuair sé bás. Like, I'd have seen fuair sé a bhás in stories or situations with a bit of drama or ceremony to them and fuair sé bás more when people were just stating/reporting facts without any drama.

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