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"Ældre mennesker kan ikke lide at køre med cykelhjelm."

Translation:Older people do not like to drive with a bicycle helmet.

June 27, 2015


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Wait. At køre = med en bil, elner også med en cykel? På engelsk det er "to drive a car" og "to ride a bike".

[deactivated user]

    You use "at køre" with anything that drives on wheels. That includes skateboards and roller skates.


    Hah. Wow, fascinating. Thanks Viktor


    (Just FYI, in case you folks are learning other Scandinavian languages also; This "rule" applies only to Danish. In Swedish and Norwegian, you cannot use the work 'köre'/'kjøre' when talking about bicycling, rollerblading etc., but you can use it for cars, tractors and most motorised vehicles, even a motorbike.)


    So what verb(s) dó you use in Norway and in Sweden?


    Just for the record the word drive is only for motor vehicles. For bikes you have to say ride even if you are providing the pedal power.


    Even more specific, only vehicles with four or more wheels or that don't need to be balanced are "driven".


    In English, we don't use "drive" but "ride" with bicycles.


    Surely drive wearing cycling helmets would be an acceptable translation? I'm doubting their objections are to having helmets with them while driving/riding.


    You drive a car but ride a bike!!


    ældre mennesker kan ikke lideat køre med cykelhjelm PÅ


    If it is a bicycle helmet it should be en cycelhjelm!!


    Not necessarily. Languages differ in what nouns require.


    I swore I would not waste any more time making comments on the inane "correct" versions that Duolingo offers but,,, "drive with a bicycle helmet" is not English because in English you do not "drive" a bike. You "ride" a bike or you cycle. But hey, I suppose for Duolingo this is not an English course so it doesn't matter how bad the English is.

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