"C'est la rencontre d'un homme et d'une femme."

Translation:This is the meeting of a man and a woman.

June 27, 2015


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Very strange translation in English. Could it be translated as "This is the joining of a man and a woman"?

June 27, 2015


I think "the joining" is more like they are getting married or committed to each other, whereas the idea in French is really that they have just met/encountered. I don't know, would "this is the encounter between a man and a woman" sound better ?


That really does not make sense in English either. Maybe "this is the meeting of a man and a woman"? Is this supposed to have some special significance or can there be a "recontre d'un chat et un chien" "recontre d'un homme et une vache" etc.?


I think that the French have a more romantic approach to this than we in the US do. There was a movie, a long time ago, called, simply "A Man and A woman." It's the frisson that happens when two people who are attracted to each other meet for the first time. We don't have anything like the word "frisson." At least that's my interpretation.


@jeanne.j, it only sounds better if you finish the story... ;-)


The owl accepted "This is the meeting of a man and a woman."


And now, that is the preferred answer.


Do you need to include the second d' before femme? So that it reads, c'est la rencontre d'un homme et une femme?

  • 1813

The d' is required before both nouns.


This sentence makes perfect sense in English. Just because it is worded in a way that you would not use, does not mean that it is strange or doesn't make sense.


I too feel there is nothing terribly odd about the phrase in English. It could be a plot-tease on the jacket of a romantic novel.


Good point, although I think a book blurb would probably say "the chance meeting between a man and a woman" or use "encounter" instead of meeting.

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