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Unable to complete exercises as no continue button - not saving progress

I am learning German and only started using Duolingo yesterday. On at least 4 occasions during the exercises seem to freeze just before the last phrase. I cannot save the progress made and have to re-do each set of exercises again.

If it helps, I am using Safari.


June 27, 2015



Hm! I have a few suggestions: Check to see that you've whitelisted Duolingo.com for Flash and other plugins; Look at your extensions and try disabling some or all (AdBlock is often a culprit);Try something that's bandwidth-intensive, such as streaming video, just to check that your browser and internet connection can handle things ok; Restart your browser; Try a different browser (e.g. Chrome).


Thanks - I shall try all of these and report back if the issue persists - or if one particular change is the fix (incase others experience this too)


Is it working better now?


So I've tried again after:

  • Ending my internet session
  • After rebooting
  • After changing browsers from Safari to Chrome - mac user here so Windows not a readily available option
  • I have no other internet windows open

It is always the final task in a set of practice sessions and the only solution is to quit the session and repeat the entire exercise again.

This has occurred twice this morning and is frustrating as I really want to make progress without feeling like I'm cheating for starting the practice sessions afresh each time this happens.

Any more advice or anyone else having this issue?

Edited as my list formatting went awry and became italicised


I have no idea but now you have the lingots to keep that streak freeze going. I still have like 800 of the things so, y'all hoars who need 'em know where to get them!

I've had issues with it hanging and freezing in the middle of translating a sentence sometimes but not too often. Once and a while it will say "Oh you're correct" but once it erased my progress in the lesson. Frustrating as all get out! ETA: I'm using Firefox and it does require updates but I'm on WinXP still and it's mostly been ok.


Am having the same problem learning German, as well. I'm using Google Chrome.


Another update: I have definitely upgraded to the most recent version of Flash available but problem persists - always seems to be the final example in a practice session and the continue button is always dimmed. I have noticed something that might well be causing this (though it might be coincidental): I do not tend to click on the continue button each time - I often use the 'enter' key instead, and I noticed this morning that if I click enter too quickly after submitting an answer for the final exercise this issue occurs. I was unable to complete any practice session this morning until I noticed that by slowing down my speed of hitting 'enter' so there was a distinct pause between submit and continue, I have been able to complete two practice sessions. I wonder if this might be of use?

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