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"Hvornår begynder forestillingen?"

Translation:When will the performance begin?

June 27, 2015



can 'beginning' be used as well?


Other than this being in the future tense lessons what makes this future tense?


The question about 'when'. If you ask about something beginning, you usually expect it to happen in the future.
Also there is not really a future tense in Danish.


There is a future tense in Danish, just as there is in English. The present tense is often used to convey the future in both languages.

In English you can say,"I'll see him tomorrow", "I'm going to see him tomorrow" or "I'm seeing him tomorrow", or even "I see him tomorrow" (when you regularly see him that day).

So you'd be more likely to say "When does the performance begin" than "When will the performance begin" using the present tense just as in Danish.

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