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  5. "Yes, it is raining."

"Yes, it is raining."

Translation:Evet, yağmur yağıyor.

June 27, 2015



Yes rain is raining?


I'm having a little trouble understanding this conjugation. I saw on a previous sentence discussion that the root for the rain/snow/hail verbs has something to do with falling from the sky. Is this sentence, the correct solution of which is "Evet, yağmur yağıyor," literally translated, "Yes, rain is falling from the sky"?

I'm trying to understand why the base, "Yağ," is being employed twice.


I've never heard such a thing as 'döküştürmek'. But 'Rain is falling from the sky.' would be literal translation. Also, 'yağmur' is derived from 'yağ' stem. As far as I know -mur is a dead suffix now. But we can still see the traces of it in modern language.

And of you can use 'yağmak' with some other words: 'Kar yağıyor.', 'Dolu yağıyor.' etc.


yes both have the same root 'yağ-mak'. However 'yağmur' is a word that does not imply any action. you must use it with a verb such as 'yağ-mak' , 'döküştür-mek'.

it is same in this english sentence: the judge can judge :D


For beginners 'evet yamur yayior' should be accepted

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