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  5. "- How are you? - So so."

"- How are you? - So so."

Translation:- Як справи? - Так собі.

June 27, 2015



Так собі sounds so sad. Non-existent answer in english


why як ти is not accepted while it is accepted in another question. Whimsical duolingo...


Why are the dashes necessary?


It just that creators wanted it to look like a little dialogue and every new response in dialogue should start with a hyphen in Ukrainian


Is "як пожіваєш" ok instead of the offered answer? Is there another way to say "так собі"?? In my language we say "Kako tako", which is literally "як так" lol


It would be nice if you provided the answers in those word bubbles to the question you ask. You have given me the same question 3 times without having any proper answers to choose, causing me to fail repeatedly for no reason. I used to be proud I was learning Ukrainian, now it's just aggravating and frustrating. A lot of it in part from this app. I hear Babel's good, I might give that a go.

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