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  5. "Його речі у кімнаті."

"Його речі у кімнаті."

Translation:His things are in the room.

June 27, 2015



I don't undered why you say "у кімнаті" but "на кухні"? why each one has a different preposition?


Кухня is special :)


Hmmm... ok o_o


I think the rise of «на кухні» («на кухне») in Ukrainian (Russian) is connected to the fact that a kitchen is sort of an "area" in your apartment or house where you engage in cooking/eating activities.

There aren't any other rooms that use "на", I think (there is attic, though,— «горище» in Ukranian)


Room ís always a room and kitchen may be just a part of some other room. There can also be so-called summer kitchens, which are located somewhere outdoors


That's more idiomatic like English "on/in/at" (which don't correlate with Ukrainian). It's not that using "у" sounds awful, even native speakers can say something like "у кухні темно", "ремонт у (в) кухні", as I see.


А так можливо: "There are his things in the room"?


In English language: Yes, but it makes an emphasis on "his things"( for example if you ask "What is there in his room?") "His things are in the room" is more general.

На Українской мове: Так,можливо,але це робить акцент на "his things" (на приклад, коли ми запитуємо "Що у кімнаті?") "His things are in the room" є більше загальним

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